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Galeano 24/7 Deputy Inspector

If you need a Special Inspection We have highly qualified and trained deputy inspectors for the following type of inspections on residential and commercial projects, you have come to the right place!

SC Steel Construction

Continuous inspection for welding, high strength bolting and ultrasonic testing procedures for structural steel.

CC Concrete Construction

All concrete placements with a mix design more than 2500 psi requires continuous inspection and material samples fabrication.

MC Masonry Construction

Continuous inspection for masonry construction and grout placement.


Deputy Inspector Epoxy | Daniel Galeano If you need a Special Inspection by a Deputy Inspector for WD Wood Construction - Periodic deputy inspection required for wood nailing.

Shear Wall Nailing

Shear Wall Nailing Deputy Inspector | Daniel Galeano DIA Drilled-in Anchors - required for all drill-in anchors; which include the following: expansion anchors, chemical (adhesive) and grouted anchors, and un-reinforced masonry (URM) anchors.

GU Gunite / Shotcrete

GU Gunite / Shotcrete - Continuous inspection is required during the placement of reinforcing steel, during concrete application and the assembly, shooting, testing, and dis-assembly of test panels.

EIFS Exterior Insulation & Finish System

EIFS Exterior Insulation & Finish System

GR Grading

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SFRM Sprayed Fire-Resistant Materials

inspection of fireproofing is required to ensure compliance with UBC Standard 7-6 and to obtain the necessary testing samples

PSC Prestressed Concrete

inspection of pre-stress / post-tension concrete is required to verify reinforced steel, pre-stressing tendon, application of stressing forces and grouting of bonded pre-stressing tendons in the seismic-force resisting system.


Deputy Inspection in Los Angeles.

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We serve LA City, LA County, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Long Beach, Orange County and All Surrounding Counties/Cities